Pressure Junkies Scuba is a Scuba Schools International (SSI) dive school that is proud to offer a wide selection of recreational scuba courses, from Try Scuba to continuing education courses!

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PJS Academy

If you want a career in diving, we suggest you apply for the Pressure Junkies Scuba Academy! When you sign up for the academy, you will be immersed in a world of knowledge and experience that results in your becoming a give guide, OR an Open Water Scuba Instructor!

Why SSI?

Being one of the most popular scuba certifying agencies, SSI is unique in its approach to training. Unlike other agencies, SSI's approach to training uncertified and certified divers alike, not only prepares you to be a diver through their highly informative e-learning courses, but also allows flexibility in training to best meet your needs and schedule.

The SSI Flexibility Rule

As mentioned before, SSI allows flexibility in training to best meet your needs and schedule. Why is this important? Well, because unlike other agencies, SSI believes in a different approach to training. For example, if you are having trouble with a certain activity during training (say, mask clearing, for example), some agencies require that you complete that activity before moving on with the other activities in training. SSI finds this abhorrent, and refrains from it. Instead, SSI allows the instructor to move on to another activity, and revisit that one activity later on, as to alleviate anxiety and frustration of the student.

Another benefit of this flexibility rule, is that SSI allows training to take place over many weekends, instead of during a whole single weekend (as some agencies do) amongst a host of other reasons. What does this mean for you? FLEXIBILITY! Yup! If you need flexibility for your job or life in general, SSI allows flexibility to train as we see fit so long as the standards are met.

SSI Also boasts a robust selection of training that meets all of your needs as a scuba diver. Everything from general scuba, rescue, extended range, and professional programs, SSI can meet your needs with phenomenal course e-learning, and top-notch professional instructors. SSI is regularly adding incredibly  useful courses to their lineup as well! For example,  this year in 2024, SSI has just rolled out the Computer Diving Specialty and will be rolling out their Nudibranch Ecology, Marine Invertebrates Ecology, and Freshwater Ecology later this year!

SSI Course Materials

Not only is the flexibility rule one benefit of being an SSI diver, but their course materials are as well! Why? because once you buy the E-Learning from the dive center, it stays with you forever! Yup! From now, until you're old and moldy, you can revisit ALL course materials as much as you want for life! Not all agencies give you this kind of value for your money. Furthermore, ALL of your courses can be accessed via the SSI mobile app OR on a computer in a browser!

Certification Cards

How about certification cards? Yuppers!! SSI has that covered too! Unlike other certification agencies, the only payment you make to get your card is what you paid for the training program! You read that right! Once you get certified, you automatically receive your certification card in digital format right in your SSI profile which can be accessed from the SSI app OR in your browser! What's more, is that you can order a physical copy for a nominal fee (OR for free if you're an SSI professional).