About Us

Who Are We?

Pressure Junkies Scuba, is a dive community (club), dedicated to the education of noobs and experienced divers alike. Everyone from the uncertified to instructors of the highest levels are welcome here. Here at PJS, we believe in helping all to expand their knowledge in a way that is suitable for all people, in a judgement free environment. We also believe in preserving our oceans, and participate in various programs to ensure the ocean environment stays as pristine as possible!

Our Founders

Pressure Junkies was [officially] founded in 2022 by David and Eva Kingsley. David is a U.S. Army Veteran who became a diver in 2018, when he decided he wanted something else out of life. In early 2018, he investigated new careers and happened upon Commercial Diving. David then went to work, procuring the funding to attend CDA Technical Institute, a commercial diving technical school. It was there that David became a junky... A Pressure Junky. David wasted no time while in school and got SCUBA certified in April, 2018 through NASE. From there, it was all downhill, and a new love was formed. In the summer of 2018, David met his now wife, Eva. David and Eva got married in early 2019. David went to work in the Gulf of Mexico for a short time, and eventually decided upon scuba as his go-to. David has dreamed of creating a dive community that was non-judgmental, yet still fun and informative for everyone. He also set his sights on opening a dive shop in the future, so that he can swap careers and do SCUBA-related things full time. In 2020, Eva decided to join the SCUBA club and get PADI certified. Her first lessons were right before Hurricane Laura made landfall. David, not knowing any better, attended her lessons last minute after Laura chased in the dive boat from the Gulf. Eva is terrified of fish lol. During Covid, David cross trained into SSI, where he eventually earned his divemaster scuba rating. In June, 2023, David earned his Open Water Scuba Instructor certificate so he can spread the love of SCUBA with others, as well as support fellow veterans and educate the public regarding topics such as marine ecology, Lionfish eradication, and keeping our oceans clean and clear of marine pollutants. David obtained his GreenFins certification in 2023.

Our Board Members

Chief Instructor

David Kingsley

As previously mentioned, David is the founder and president of PJS and a U.S. Army Veteran. He started diving in 2018 as part of his 5 month commercial diving school requirements. If there's someone who has a vast wealth of knowledge, David's one of the guys you go to. He became an instructor in 2023 whilst on vacation in Cozumel. One of his hopes, is to establish and fund the PJS Adopt-A-Vet program, to allow all Honorably Discharged Veterans a fair shake to earn their scuba certification. He also wishes to establish and fund the PJS Foundation, which provides kids of lesser economic benefit the ability to learn how to scuba dive.

Vice President
Chief Divemaster

Thomas Elder

Thomas is one outstanding individual. Our VP, Chief Divemaster and U.S. Marine Veteran learned to scuba in 20XX, is one heck of a DM, and is currently earning his Bechelor's Degree in Marine Biology. He one day hopes to make an incredible difference in the marine world.

Chief Deco Expert

Kaylee Shebeck

Kaylee began diving in 2022, and has developed an incredible love for the marine world. She loves diving so much that she wishes to go tech in the future, and as part of her wish, she began studying Decompression Theory as a part of that. If you want to learn about deco theory, she is a great resource! 

Founder/Board Member
Travel Advisor

Eva Kingsley

Eva is David's wife, and is the co-founder and Chief travel advisor of PJS. Originally from Indonesia, Eva came to America after marrying David. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in IT Tech, knows 7+ Languages, and is a wonderful human to be around. She makes friends with nearly everyone she meets and is incredibly personable. She earned her Open Water certification in 2020, just before Hurricane Laura made Landfall in Louisiana. Since then, she has risen to the level of Master Diver, and may even go higher one day... OH!! And did we mention? She's absolutely terrified of fish! Figure that one out! lol

Board Member

Josh Livengood

Josh is also a U.S. Marine Veteran who joined us in 2022 while David and Eva were taking a Florida Christmas dive trip. He is a software designer in the legal field, but dives in his spare time as well. He wants to become a cavern diver in the near future.

Dive Staff

Assistant Instructor

Dewey McNab

Dewey is one of our Assistant Instructors from gorgeous Utila. He moved here to the US, and we discovered him.

Office Staff

Social Media Manager

Yosiana Priskila

Yosi is our Social Media Manager. She is from Indonesia and graduated university with a communications degree, specifically in broadcasting, and has a lot of experience working in fields related to broadcast media, journalism, public relations and social media. If you see it on our social media accounts, she likely was behind it!